Enchanting Hideaway Cottage - Kona Vacation Rentals

"It was all here!  Everything I needed and more!  Thank you for the time, energy, and thought you put into setting up this adorable, homey vacation retreat...We hope to return within a few months, and would love to stay again!..."Bunny Lindegaard

"I've lived in Hawaii for a year now and this is beyond doubt the coolest place I've been!!!  They should tear down all the skyscrapers and require people to have places like this..."

"This has been a powerful, emotional, intense week for me.  It was so nice to have your home to balance and ground me!..." Angie, Toronto

This place is awesome.  It really feels like an "Enchanted Hideaway"!...  Stefan & Marissa

What an amazing visit!  Peaceful!  Secluded!...Enchanting to say the least!...Jeff & Becky, WA.

You know life is rough when one has to escape the "rigor" of Maui life and retreat to the Big Island for some RNR!  We are blessed indeed -- even more so staying here in this Enchanting wonderland Cottage.  Loved the Hot tub and cozy decor.  The bed was especially Yummy with fluffy sheets and a Big blanket!...  Melissa & Gena, HI

We loved this place.  It was Perfect!  Beautiful!  Secluded!  Peaceful!  After along day of snorkeling and laying on the beach soaking in the hot tub was the Best!!!  Rebecca & Pete, UT

Loved Enchanting Hideaway--neat purple cottage.  Loved the welcome, local fruit, loved meeting Bob friendly guru (PR and fix it guy) & Reggie.  A Tropical Paradise!...Noel & Sally, Sidney, Australia.

We loved this beautiful cottage and garden in this very secluded area of Hawaiian Paradise!  This place will bring back memories that we enjoyed on our Honeymoon!...Enjoy the cottage for a day!  It's really Relaxing!... Amber and Ryan, CA

We enjoyed our stay here at the "Enchanted Cottage"--the privacy, the atmosphere, the geckos,... the rain in our faces as we sat in the hot tub!  Beautiful place to stay!  Beautiful Memories!!!  The Keith's, CA